A sports car made by German performance company RUF, the 3400 S is the first RUF model based on Porsche's Boxster S roadster and also the first water-cooled RUF. Introduced in 2000, the 3400 S has been described by Excellence magazine describes as "one of the best all-round sports cars we have driven". The 3400 S takes the lighter chassis of the Boxster S and combines it with the more powerful engine of the 911 Carrera, sportier suspension and (as an option) bigger brakes. RUF can build a 3400 S from scratch at the rate of just 30 per year at a cost of US$96,000 or they can convert an exsiting Boxster S at a rate of 1 per week. Conversion from a standard Boxster is also possible at an additional cost of US$5,500 for the larger brakes, 6-speed gearbox, larger radiator, improved cooling system and other components that are otherwise standard on the S model. The 3400 S also appears (along with the RGT) in the Playstation2 game Gran Turismo 3.

2000 RUF 3400 S


Cost: €97,702 (US$96,000) for complete build, €69,205 (US$68,000) for conversion from a Porsche Boxster S (conversion from a standard Porsche Boxster will cost an extra €5,598 (US$5,500))
Engine: 3.4L mid-mounted horizontally opposed DOHC flat-6
Power: 231.2kW (310bhp) @ 6800rpm
Torque: 360nm (265.5ft-lbs) @ 4750rpm
Drive: RWD
Transmission: 6-speed manual with optional traction control
Body: 2-door roadster
Size (LWH): 4315/1781/1290mm (169.9/70.1/50.8in)
Curb Weight: 1297kg (2860lbs)1


Acceleration: 0-60mph in 5.1s, 0-100mph in 12.3s
1/4 Mile: 13.7s
Top Speed: 280kph (174mph)

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Flat-6.net - http://www.flat-6.net
RUF Automobile - http://www.ruf-automobile.de

Note: If anyone on E2 actually owns one of these bad boys, feel free to message me on your thoughts about them.

1. Thanks to mcai7et2 for spotting that error. Turns out the car weighs 2680lbs, not kgs.

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