The IEEE designation for coaxial cable with 75-ohm impedance.

RG59 is commonly used in cable television (CATV) installations.

RG59 is obsolete

Compare the brand new cable run by The Cable Guy with the little patch cord linking the TV to the VCR. See how the latter is no thicker than a Mickey D straw whereas the Cable Guy's is as thick as a pencil?

Today, with 70+ analog channels, broadband internet, digital cable TV and HDTV(coming real soon now, honest!), RG59 cable doesn't cut the muster anymore. All new Cable TV installations are wired with RG6 which can support the 1GHz bandwidth required by all the new services.

If you've wired your house with RG59, it will have to be replaced if you use anything more than analog cable.

Resist the temptation of using RG59 cable to relocate your cable modem across the room. Cable Modem uplink (from modem to Internet) frequencies are very low (5-40mHz) and most sensitive to interference. You will lose bandwidth speed and probably leak interference into your cable network.

Disclaimer: IANACTT

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