R. Dorothy Wayneright is a character in the anime Big O. The R. in her name is for Robot, she is modeled after the original Dorothy by Timothy Wayneright.

Although she openly states on several occasions that she does not appreciate Roger Smith's style, she respects his professional skill enough that she places herself under his protection. Throughout the series she continually drops hints that she has an ulterior motive for doing so, much to Roger's consternation.

Throughout the series she slowly seems to develop a more human personality, including adopting a kitten, and buying Roger a Heaven's Day gift.

In the end, Roger, who apparently has issues with having a relationship with an android, gives in, and puts his arm around her in the final scene.

R. Dorothy Waynewright is an extremely advanced android, and a central character in the anime,"Big O". But she is far from being devoid of personality or having hobbies. She was created by Tim Waynewright who lost his daughter forty years ago, and created R. Dorothy in her memory. R. Dorothy herself often speaks in a monotone, can be moody, has a dry sense of humor and sarcasm, enjoys music and piano, has a soft spot for entities like her, and often banters with Roger Smith.

She has short brown hair in a pageboy cut, and fathomless black eyes. Her skin is also very pale, giving her something of a ghostly appearance, at first. She is frequently seen wearing the trademark black garb of Roger Smith's household, in this case, a dress. R. Dorothy also wears a pink headband that doubles as a CD drive. Her face and body shape are very lithe and slender, looking very refined. However, she is not one to underestimate! She possesses balance and strength above the normal human, and her frame to be made out of a heavy metal alloy.

R. Dorothy also shows some feelings toward Roger Smith, although not always clearly evident. She buys him a gift for Heaven's Day (suspiciously like Christmas Day ...) in the form of a black tie, and is upset when he proclaims that he doesn't like to exchange gifts. She shows an interest in playing piano, and often deliberately plays badly to wake Roger up when he is sleeping late. She also rescues a kitten named "Pero", and took it home, even dressing it in a small black suit so Roger would not disapprove. (His rule was that everyone living there wore black.) Toward the end of the series, Dorothy asks Roger a flustering question: "If... neither of us had any memories, and we met... so, then would you and I fall in love as well?" It was left unanswered.

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