After EasyRecovery Pro's sad inability to solve my data recovery problem (read the story on my writeup there), I turned to other solutions.

A search on Google brought me this - R-Studio by R-TT

The offer a demo of R-Studio that is exactly like the real version but won't recover anything larger than 64kB.

This isn't a huge problem, if you plan to recover only data. Word processing documents tend to be small.

I installed the software, everything went beautifully smoothly.

Select the drive to be recovered, scan it, search through it for the things you need, recover them.

It was rather slow, but also much faster than many DOS programs I had tried while searching for a solution.

Most of the things I needed were listed, but because of my horribly corrupt FAT only about 1/3 of these were retrievable. Even the ones that could be retrieved were sometimes only partial and corrupt.

However, this is not a problem with the software. It runs very well and was able to recover what nothing else could.

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