An excellent piece of data recovery software made by Ontrack.

Website: (

Great interface, wonderfully small 3 meg package.
Not very powerful, though.

Here's the story:
I have two hard drives. I have a dual-boot system with Linux and Windows 98.

While screwing around in Linux, I turned my Windows drive into ext2fs. Whoops.
After huge problems reinstalling Windows on my intact drive, I got EasyRecovery up and running.

It detects my drive, the FAT is gone so I have to answer a few questions. Fine.

It scans the drive for files, and up pops a beautiful, beautiful list, containing everything I had lost.
I selected a few files to experiment with, and recovered them to drive D.

What I had forgotten was that to reinstall Windows I had switched the position of my two drives... and I just wrote the files I had recovered to the same drive I had recovered them from.

It seems that I had also forgotten to switch the drive to FAT 32 when I upgraded from Windows 95. Anything that might have been left of the FAT was destroyed beyond use.

And EasyRecovery, wonderful program though it was, became useless.

I eventually had more success with R-TT R-Studio.

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