Qusay Hussein the next in line for his father, Saddam Husseins, job. Unfortunately his father thus far has out lasted him when Qusay perished in July of 2003 during a firefight against US troops at a residence in Mosul. The whereabouts of him and his brother Uday Hussein were reported to US troops by Iraqi Intelligence. After CENTCOM reported the killings many photos of the heavily bearded brothers circulated through news broadcasts, their identities were confirmed by dental records.

Qusay was born in 1966 and he had been married to Sahar, the daughter of Maher Al-Rashidand they had two daughters but the marriage was later dissolved.

Qusay was the head of the powerful Iraqi Special Security Organization, which oversaw domestic security and intelligence, and also supervisor of the Special Republican Guard in Iraq and also the elite Special Guard which all are in charged of protecting the Hussein Regime.

Qusay was also in charged of the treatment of political prisoners: interrogation, jailing and even execution of political prisoners families. He also used what was coined the "tools of repression" which was bloody and shocking to blackmail, force confessions, and destroy opponents any of Saddam Hussein’s or the regimes opponents.

Qusay was considered mild tempered next to his brother and father - but equally evil.

Not much is known about Qusay he was said to have a private life versus his father and brother. The press and such websites are not very explainitory on him, his influence or image.

http://us.rediff.com/us/2003/jul/22iraq3.htm?zcc=ar very funny!

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