I cast my eyes from a pool of stars engulfed by the night sky, back into the truth again. Me, the rapture of a sleepless night, the thorns of insomnia jagged in my heart. All I can think, who am I? What am I doing? Where is he.. and what is he doing? And why am I not wearing a gas mask? Can I not even breathe? Has the oxygen in my blood been so diluted by the coldness? Will I wake up from this insomnia -and when I do, will I know why?

Will I see him once again? Will my soul drain from me like the blood from the face, as it feels his breath humidify the air, and fall upon the skin, his words humoring me? Is it for any reason, any at all, that my heart has a magnetic field and has drawn all my inner organs towards it, the warmth and, yet.. fear, manifesting it all.

If I turn over, will my organs seep this oozing fluid that my heart seems to be floating in? Or if I even close my eyes, the thoughts that come may drown me.

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