Queer Youth Exist is a youth program in the Twin Cities. The group, which has met in the main room of District 202 (located at 1601 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis) between 6 and 8 PM every Wednesday since November 24, 1999, is designed for teens who are interested in queer culture, especially aspects related to BDSM. QYE is the first minors-only BDSM community in the United States.

The idea was that teens who become interested in kinky sex need a safe environment to ask questions and explore their sexuality. Prior to QYE's existance, kinky teens would simply have to hope they didn't get taken advantage of. QYE's mission, in a sense, is to keep people from doing bad things to inexperienced teenagers.

One of the founders of QYE used to date a friend of mine, so I can personally attest to the friendly nature and sanity of the founders. QYE was in fact started by two girls to earn their Gold Award for Girl Scouts (roughly equivalent to an Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts).

Queer Youth Exist's website and message boards are located at www.angelfire.com/mn2/queeryouthexist/index.html

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