An important value in the mediaeval drinking game known as tablero. The Queen's Number is obtained by having a lady who is uninvolved in the game roll 2D6. The numbers thus obtained are added together, and the resulting value is known as the Queen's Number. The Queen's Number cannot be 7, 11 or 12, as these values are reserved (if a player rolls one of these numbers, he must pass the dice to the other player).

If, during the course of the game, a player rolls the Queen's Number, he must announce this fact, and may then drink from one of the shotglasses on the playing board, setting it on the baseline for his opponent to fill.

If he fails to announce that he has rolled the Queen's Number before the end of the turn, his opponent may point out that the Queen's Number was rolled, drink from a shotglass, and place it on the player's baseline to be filled. This causes much wailing and gnashing of teeth on the player's part, since it means the player lost an opportunity to drink some of his opponent's alcohol, and thus come closer to winning the game (and getting drunk, which in tablero is equally important).

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