Consider what Santa Claus does. He travels to several hundred million households in a single night, and yet manages to find time at almost every stop for interaction with the occupants (winking at hidden children, eating cookies, getting frightened by M&M's, grabbing a cola out of the fridge). How does Santa do it?

Recent experiments have indicated the possibility for quantum entanglement in biological systems. Now we all know that Santa is magical, but maybe he is just a really good engineer able to exploit quantum effects. When you think about it, it makes sense. Santa is really, really good with tools and can make any toy any child wants in his workshop, and he also has a team of diminutive alien engineers who can help.

Riding the quantum foam, Santa is able to be in every house simultaneously. That is why he can idle in everyone's living room for what seems to be a ridiculous time in light of his workload. He is a gift-giving wavefront across the world that collapses into the Santa function when a child believes.

It is also obvious that the reindeer are simply warping space to "fly". Flying reindeer, that's ridiculous.

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