type: fiction (F&SF)
medium: html
frequency: monthly
address: www.quantummuse.com
price: free (with option for donation)

Quantum Muse is a monthly ezine featuring fantasy, science fiction, and art, usually by lesser-known artists and authors. It's an entirely independent publication thus, you will see things there that a lot of big-time corporate editors would be afraid to embrace. As the editors themselves say on the front page of the site, "Our goal is to provide the discriminating reader with the best fantasy and science fiction literature and art we can obtain without spending most of our beer money."

The site design is common and professional and what graphics they have are good ones. Clicking on a category will show you all the stories in that genre for the current month, along with the beginning of each story. The complete story can then be read by clicking on the respective link.

When you're sick of going to the bookstore and experiencing vertigo at the mind-boggling selection of bad fantasy novels, the web can be a great alternative.

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