A "performance artist."

Also a relatively large, "independently wealthy" guy who likes to dress up in revealing black leather get-ups with lots of fake breasts attached all over himself so he can stand around and sing really scary raunchy ... songs. Known for such classics as 'the skin is stuck to the walls of the penis pump' where he does in fact don said penis pump in front of a live audience, and that one about how he likes to pee in public pools. The end of his most recent show at Surf Reality included a girl fucking him up the ass with a butt plug while he sucked on another girl's breasts.

I'm still having nightmares about this.

A wonderful show for bored middle class twits who have nothing better to do than get off on this shit.

The only redeeming quality about this guy that I can imagine is his apparent association with the gay pimp Jonny McGovern, who did some of his Dirty Gay Stuff routine at the one Purple Organ show I was unfortunate enough to attend.

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