Prussian Blue is a musicial group originally from Bakersfield, California, it consists of Lynx and Lamb Gaede of the twin daughters of a white supremacist, April Gaede.
Their music reflects their family's controversial bealifs, such as Adolf Hitler was "a great man with wonderful ideas" and the Holocaust was exaggerated and/or never happened. It should also be noted that their name is the color of Zyklon B, found in the gas chambers of the concentration camps, but of course the girls and their family deny this and say it comes from the fact "they are of Prussian heritage,they have blues eyes and they think Prussian Blue is a pretty color". The girls became minor celebrities, internet oddities, and were even dubbed "The Nazi Olsen Twins" by the mainstrem media and earned a spot on the list of 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America. They have not been active for a while due to Lynx's health problems and the family's relocation to Montana to escape the multiculturalism of Bakersfield. Also, their offical website and MySpace have both become inactive.

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