An island located in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. Shaped roughly like a whale, complete with tail, Prudence Island is a relaxed, rustic community consisting of a handful of year-round residents and a fluctuating tourist population in the summer and hunting seasons. Two churches, one gas pump, three general stores, one roving policeman, and a volunteer fire department. The southern end of the island was at one point a naval munitions depot, and is now a state park and wildlife preserve.

Local highlights include:

  • Pulpit Rock, a huge bolder on the northern end of the island, the top of which supposedly served as a pulpit for Roger Williams when he preached to the local natives.
  • A small graveyard towards the middle of the island, with a gravestone whose top was blasted off by cannon fire during the revolutionary war.
  • The Sandy Point light, a lighthouse that is actually owned by whomever is currently President of the United States. The light was previously privately held until it was bequeathed to president Willard Filmore. The light is actually maintained by the Coast Guard.

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