Project Malicious, or PM for short, is an open-source collaboration intended on tweaking the skills of anyone actively creating project files with Fruity Loops (high-end electronic music generator software). The music itself is a techno style, with various sound clips and real recordings layered in next to the computer-generations.

The project started in a basement by two people only known as "ahw_2" and "mikek2k". In the beginning, the music was created sepratley, but using the same Fruity Loops Studio 3 software. Swapping CD-Rs of each other's music was the original way anything had been shared. Eventually, ahw_2 established the idea to release the songs online. The "Project" part of Project Malicious had begun. The "Malicious" part of the name was thought up by mikek2k, and the full name was quickly adopted. Soon after, PM was accepted as a project at Sourceforge, and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Being open source, anyone can submit their work created under FL to the project. The Project Malicious home website, hosted by Sourceforge, is the current place the project resides and is upkept.

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