Album by Fluke.

Track listing:

  1. Thumper (original mix)
  2. Philly (Jamorphous)
  3. Slid (Glid)
  4. Electric guitar (Humbucker)
  5. Groovy feeling (Make mine a 99)
  6. Bubble (Speechbubble)
  7. Bullet (Bullion)
  8. Tosh (Gosh)
  9. Atom bomb (Atomix1)
  10. Absurd (Whitewash)
  11. Squirt (Risotto vox)

A "best of" type album, taking the best songs from The techno rose of Blighty, Six wheels on my wagon, Risotto, and the Peel sessions, remixing them, and throwing them onto a CD for consumption by hungry Fluke fans. Quite a good album to introduce someone to Fluke with, or just to tide you over until the next album.

Amazon had an entry for this listed as "progressive histoty x" a couple of months before the actual release. Hehe.

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