The Proboscis Monkey is a larger monkey weighing between 7 to 22 kilograms, with the lower-end of that range for females, and males taking up the upper-end of that range. They have webbed hands that are adapted for swimming. The Proboscis Monkey is known to be a very skilled swimmer. They have a large bulbous nose, with males having larger noses as well.

Scientific Name: Nasalis larvatus..

Habitat: They live on the island of Borneo. Their habitat is in the Mangrove trees and around the Mangrove swamps of this island..

Diet: The Proboscis Monkey is a foliovore, eating mainly the shoots and leaves of the Mangrove tree. .

Social Organization: Males and females live together in groups, but some groups consisting of only males exist as well..

Wacky Trivia: Once someone sees a Proboscis Monkey, they probably never forget its large Tip O'Neil like nose..

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