Pro Pente is similar to Pente, except that is is played on a larger 19 by 19 board (Pente is on a 15 by 15 board), and there are restrictions on the first few moves to reduce the advantage Black has by going first:
  • Black's very first move must be in the center of the game board
  • White's first move can be anywere.
  • Black's second move must be outside the 5 by 5 area in the center of the game board.
  • White's second move, and all moves after that, can be anywhere.

You win Pro Pente by doing one of the following:

  • Place five or more of your stones in a row. In Pente and Pro Pente, six or more in a row also wins, though it does not win in Gomoku.
  • Capture ten of your opponent's stones.

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