McDonald's puts this disclaimer on every contest they have. I always wondered exactly what this meant. Does that mean that if I won a car, I couldn't let my girlfriend drive it? If my game token indicates that I have won some free French fries, does that mean that I can't give my friends any? "Sorry, Chris, but prizes are non-transferable." Not a big deal, really. But apparently, though, it extends much further than that.

A donations clerk at St. Jude Children's Hospital opened an anonymous envelope and discovered a $1,000,000 Monopoly game piece. When the story broke, McDonald's initial reaction was that the token had been voided, because, well, prizes are non-transferable. However, feeling a wave of negative publicity coming on, the president of McDonald's announced that they would make a $1 million dollar donation, in the form of 20 annual checks of $50,000.

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