Prince Phil is one of the characters in the anime series Slayers. While a minor character, he does feature heavily in some of the funnier scenes in the show.

Prince Philionel el de Seyruun (or "Phil" for short) is the crown prince of the kingdom of Seyruun. A zealous (sometimes overzealous) crusader for justice, he is also a staunch pacifist. But how do you fight evil when you're a pacifist? Well, if you're Prince Phil, you use the Pacifist Fighting Style (with such absurd-sounding but effective techniques as the "Pacifist Crush" and the "Goodwill-Towards-Man Smash"). No, really, I am not making this up.

Phil also has a daughter, Amelia wil Tesla Seyruun, who (despite not looking a thing like her father) shares all his zeal for fighting evil and all of his common sense (or lack thereof). Amelia is apprenticed to Lina Inverse, but you can read more about that at her node.

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