Rather bold choice for a name don't you think? In the write up for another game with a rectangle for the protagonist I mentioned that the up surge in indie studios has brought about some very strange games. Games that are hard to classify. This is an example of the trend.

Pretentious Game is a platformer. The hook is that each level has an extra rule, like reversed controls or the player's sprite being invisible. Some of the rules stick around. Most of them don't. Each level comes with a single sentence that hints at the gimmick and ties into a larger narrative. Which brings me to the meat of the game; because as much time as you spend navigating the challenges they are little more than window dressing for the plot. A plot that is conveyed in a few dozen sentences. The genius of the game is that you have to actualize each sentence before you can move to the next stage. This dependency slowly drives you deeper into the narrative. It's insidiously effective. This coupled with the little piano piece that some how manages to be emotional without inspiring any particular emotion draws the player in like few other games can.

So, is it good? Well, it was well received. It's certainly innovative. It managed to hold my attention for more than five minutes. None of that really tells you if this is a good game. If I had to try to explain this game it's the first flash fiction that you play. Short, something you could finish in a single sitting; I expect it to have a lot of imitators.


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