The first English Language film directed by Canadian/Quebecois director Robert Lepage, based on a stage play by John Mighton. Stars Tilda Swinton and Thomas McCamus and was released in 2000.

Refreshingly short (around 90 minutes) for such a complex film, Possible Worlds centres around the story of George Barber (McCamus) and Joyce (Swinton). George is a gifted worker on the stock exchange who claims he is simultaneously living out different lives in all possible worlds; he is, in effect, a necessary man. The film leads us into an exploration of reality, consciousness and existence.

Possible Worlds makes use of truly surreal moments (reminiscent of Guinness Adverts) and some beautiful cinematography to slide effortlessly from one train of thought to the next. The plot covers existentialism, modality, language, ethics, imagination and relationships in a way which is refreshing to see in film, and will doubtless be pleasing to any student of philosophy (especially readers of Descartes or David Lewis and fans of idealism/solipsism) but also to anyone wishing to contemplate their own existence.

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