When a person gets grants/advantages solely because of their race/gender/something. It's to redress the balance shown in data that "Woman don't succeed at school", "Black's don't get a high education". Whether it's right or not, obviously, is a matter of opinion (and whether you qualify)

If I wasn't such white trash I could apply for some grants. Although if offered money i'd probably turn it down. Sometimes it's called Reverse Racism, but it's just as evil. Only this does good! (ha..h

Put it in context. Postive Discrimination has the original. To whine about this is de rigueur, part of the FUD-fest that is modern politics. After all, my ancestors didn't own slaves, why should I owe someone "40 acres and a mule"? But we're all in this together, and discrimination worked like a nasty recursive function for eons, keeping parts of the populace economically fucked. You may have lost an Einstein, Hawking, or Knuth somewhere in the barrio or ghetto, or on the reservation.

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