I don't necessarily believe that I've coined this word, but I think there are a lot of interesting economic indicators lurking within the industries of pornography, sex toys, prostitution, and topless dancing which reflect back upon the overall mainstream economy. Just as the need for convenient, private access to skin flicks jump-started the VCR boom of the 1980s, the sex-related goods and services that people pay money for today not only drive a significant industry, but also reveal economic trends concerning the rest of society.

Are good or bad economic times ahead when nationwide adult video rentals jump significantly? Does the amount of money spent on whores run in accordance with or in opposition to other types of mainstream consumer spending? Clearly these and other similar trends in the pornoconomy deal mostly with disposable income or the lack of it, but I'm willing to bet that savvy economists can glean extra insight from observing this enormous industry.

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