Popul Vuh (later called Popul Ace) was a Norwegian rock band in the seventies. They were influenced by bands like Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears. Later, they changed their name to Popul Ace because they found out that another band in Germany also had the name Popul Vuh.

Popul Vuh had these band members (the list changed several times along the way):

  • Arne Schulze: guitar
  • Pete Knutsen: piano, guitar
  • Thor Andreassen: drums
  • Terje Methi: bass
  • Jahn Teigen: vocal
  • "Pjokken" Eide: flute, trombone
  • Discography:

    As Popul Vuh:

  • Popul Vuh (1972)
  • Quiche Maya (1973)
  • As Popul Ace:

  • Popul Ace (1973)
  • Stolen From Time (1975)
  • Curly Sounds (1978)
  • Jahn Teigen, the singer in Popul Vuh/Ace, was on an audition for Genesis in 1974, after Peter Gabriel decided to leave the band. Apparently he turned down their offer and went for a career in Norway on his own. Tony Banks, the keyboard player in Genesis at the time, said later in a TV interview that he didn't remember him, when he was asked about Jahn Teigen. Jahn Teigen is famous for scoring 0 points with his contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1978. The song was called 'Mil etter mil' in Norwegian, or in English: 'Mile after mile'. After this he gained cult status in Norway and started his solo career with a record named "This Year's Loser ".

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