Wonderfully delicious crunchy globs of goodness.

Popcorn balls are typically made by:

1> popping large quantities of popcorn and then putting it in a buttered bowl(it'll make sense in a bit)

2> then melting lots of marshmallows and a pat or two of butter, so you can

3>pour the sticky stuff over the peices of popcorn to coat them and hold them together.

4>then you butter your hands so they don't stick to the candy stuff when you

5>mix it up and smoosh the stuff together in little spheres (or any shape for that matter)

Popcorn balls are beautifully versitile little things. If you're feeling festive, you can add foodcoloring to the melted marshmallow goo. But even better yet is substituting candycorns for the marshmallows.They impart a glossy orange hue and that undeniably-candycorn flavor. Magnific! I ate these meal-wise for three days until my mother took them away to be fed to the more needy.

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