Polvo were a truly great experimental indie rock band from North Carolina in the nineties. Tried to get every possible combination of sounds out of guitars, and occasionally threw in a sitar. Sounded very loud and raw, but certainly knew how to craft a song that would keep grabbing your attention. Founded in 1991 by Ash Bowie and Dave Brylawski, both singing and playing guitar. Also included before their breakup in 1998 were Eddie Watkins on drums and Steve Popson on bass. Indie rock fans spent much time trying to figure out exactly how they tune their guitars; at shows, Bowie and Brylawski would switch between several alternately tuned guitars. Bowie has since moved onto releasing albums under the name Libraness, as well as playing bass for Helium.

Complete Discography: (Thanks to http://www.public.asu.edu/~chrisnj/polvo/)

Cor-Crane Secret - Merge, 1992
Today's Active Lifestyles - Merge, 1993
Celebrate the New Dark Age - Merge, 1994
This Eclipse - Merge, 1995
Exploded Drawing - Touch and Go, 1996
Shapes - Touch and Go, 1997


"Can I Ride" - double 7" Kitchen Puff/Jettison, 1991 (re-released on CD by Jesus Christ, 1995)
"Vibracobra" - 7" (Rockville/Jettison/Kitchen Puff), 1991
split 7" with Erectus Monotone - Merge, 1992
"Tilebreaker" 7" - Merge, 1993
split 7" with New Radiant Storm King - Penny Farthing, 1994


"Mexican Radio" on Freedom of Choice comp. - Caroline, 1992
"Wild Turkey" on Pyloric Waves comp. - Detox, 1993
"Peyote" on Demolisten 3 comp. - WXYC, 1993
"Colonial Arms" on Why Do You Think They Call It Pop? comp. - Pop Narcotic, 1994
"Watch the Nail" on Rows of Teeth comp. - Merge, 1994
"Can I Ride" on Half Cocked soundtrack - Matador, 1995

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