Some say the trilogy of movies entitled "Poltergeist" (episodes I, II, and III) are cursed! Now why would they think something crazy like that? Because several people related to the movie have died, all of "mysterious" or very unexpected circumstances.

Here is all of the rumors, in order of creepy frigtening/horrific-ness:
  1. Everyone associated with the films have DIED!!!

  2. Now now, let's not be rediculous. Most of the actors are still alive and well... and let's not forget that Steven Spielberg is associated with the film - if he's dead, who's been making all 'dem movies?!
  3. Every actor in the trilogy has DIED!!!

  4. Oh come on. The curse isn't THAT bad. This curse was probably just a misquote or a bunch of kids trying to scare their younger sisters or something. Even Lou Perry and Craig T. Nelson are still kicking around.
  5. Dominique Dunne, the actor who played Dana Freeling (the older sister in the first film) died on November 4, 1982 shortly after the release of the first movie. She was MYSTERIOUSLY MURDERED!!!

  6. Mysteriously murdered? No. Unexpectedly murdered, yes. Unfortunately, Dominique Dunne was strangled to death by her abusive boyfriend.
  7. Heather O'Rourke, the child actor who played the lead role in all three movies (as the young, blonde-haired Carol-Anne Freeling) was MURDERED by her father in a jealous rampage!!!

  8. Woah, nelly! Slow down the conspiracy mill there. Once again, Heather died unexpectedly but was not murdered. She came down with flu-like symptoms halfway through filming of Poltergeist III, but the doctors didn't figure out that she had Intestinal Stenoisis. As a result, she died of septic shock shortly thereafter, at an early age of 13. She was a beautiful and talented little girl and she was sorely missed. She even has a memorial website -
  9. Julian Beck, who played the evil spirit in Poltergeist II, died of shock when scared to death by AN EVIL SPIRIT!

  10. Seriously, who comes up with these rumors? Julian Beck, as you can plainly see from the movie, is an old and grizzled man who perpetually looks sick. I mean, behind the makeup, you could see something was wrong. There's good reason for him to look sick - he eventually lost his 18 month battle with stomach cancer on September 14, 1985, at a ripe old age of 62.
  11. Will Sampson, who played the stereotypical Indian in Poltergeist II, had a HEART ATTACK IN BOLIVIA AFTER EATING THREE WAFFLES AND DENOUNCING THE CHRISTIAN FAITH!

  12. OK, OK, I made up that rumor. Will is one of the only dudes that doesn't have a big evil rumor surrounding his death. He did die, a year after the release of Poltergeist II, after a failed heart and lung transplant. He was 53 years old when he died, on June 3, 1987.
  13. Zelda Rubinstein, who plays my favorite character in the trilogy - Tangina Barrons the psychic - died... on the... moon... because... yeah!

  14. Maybe I should leave the conspiracies up to somebody else. Many people wonder why, throughout the series of the movies, there are no on-screen deaths - until Tangina. The reason is because she had to leave filming in the middle of Episode III because her Mother died. Poor Zelda's Mom.
To recap, there were 5 confirmed kills. The sister from the first film, the evil guy and the indian from the second film, and the main character from the third film. Then somebody's mom died in the fourth film.

Not so scary when you have the facts, is it?

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