A long time ago, it was an option for Ford buyers to pick the engine of their car.

Jay Leno said in his autobiography that he's a big car buff. When he was a kid, his family was buying a new Ford Galaxie. He knew what he want, and his mother told his father to let him choose.

He went right over to the dealer, and said, "Ok, we want the 'Police Pursuit Package' We want a 360 horsepower, 8 cylinder engine, with the muffler-delete option."
His father:"What do we need a 360-hp for?"
"Well, we live on a hill, Dad."

So, when the car comes in, the Dad walks over to look at it, runs over to the dealer and starts yelling that there are no hubcaps.
"No, Mr. Leno, you ordered the Police Pursuit package, with high-performance racing tires"

He goes over and starts it up.
"Aaaah! There's a hole in the muffler! Where's the muffler?"
"Well, Mr. Leno, you signed up for the muffler-delete option-"
"Forget it, I'm outa here!"

He just barely touched the gas pedal, and the car shot out of the parking lot. According to Jay Leno, you could hear the car a mile away, it sounded like a Boeing Jet engine, practically leaving a sonic boom.

He got grounded by his dad, his mother refused to get in the car again.

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