A common and widely known game, where people in a car assume point values for people they um, run into with while driving. Hypothetically speaking by running the person over the driver would redeem the imaginary amount specified.

Example A: Ten points for a person crossing the street.

Example B: Twenty-five for a person on a bike.

Now imagine if, example A, was wearing a sweatsuit and matching hat, for this you would receive bonus points. This is done by adding a combination multiplier for every item pointed out in the description, making the imaginary point value vary a bit for the statistical oddities. And if, example B, the person on the bike was to get back up after being ran over, deduct five points. See the twist, a penalty would be added due to sloppy nature of the driver, and their inability to put the poor soul out its misery on their first attempt. Also, the combination multiplier might be used for the number of people in the group.

Example: If there was three people wearing band uniforms with instruments, and all but one got back up-- the presumed value received would be 50 points for the group because 2(10*3)-10, according to the given variables from before.

The point values are of intrinsic value and are never to be tallied. Anyways, you're not actually going to run anybody over, are you?

Coming up with your own rules and variations is where the fun actually comes in to play. Find your creativity and have fun with it!

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