Grundoon and Lizardinlaw are in the car. Uncle Rob is driving. Uncle Rob is a Professor and a bit fierce.

"Lizard." barks the Uncle. "Lizard. Lizard!"

The third Lizard got through. Lizard looks up from her book.

"Which way do we go?" said Uncle.

"Um." says Lizard. Lizard always reads in the car.

"Don't you know?" says the Uncle. "You go from your grandmother's to your parent's all the time!" He sounds astounded.

"Um." says Lizard. She truly has no idea.

A voice comes from the back seat. "I shall point the way." Grundoon is 4.

She does. She points to the turns. "That way." Uncle turns the car. Later Grundoon points in the other direction. "That way."

Lizard is NOT reading her book. She is paying attention. It does look familiar. Grundoon is entirely correct. There is the house.

"Thank you, Grundoon." says the Uncle. "Without you, we would not have made it." He tells Gundoon's and Lizard's parents. It becomes a story that their mother likes to tell. Everyone laughs.

And Lizard learns directions rather well after that.

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