Pochacco was born in the year 1989 in Uguisu Yokocho (Nightingale Lane).

He is a very clever dog, being able to walk on his hind legs (although he sometimes trips on his tail!).

His favourite food is banana ice cream and he likes to eat so much that his tummy almost bursts! Pochacco is very friendly and makes a new friend every day, but his all-time best friend is Choppi the mouse.

Pochacco is one of the best loved Sanrio characters, and has been in constant availability since his creation. Like Hello Kitty, Pochacco doesn't seem have a mouth.

proj2501: Well spotted, but contradiction is part of the Sanrio charm, I think. Sanrio otaku enjoy forgetting reason and logic. After all, this little dog loves eating ice cream and carrots but has no mouth. No problem!

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