Plumtree are a band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The current membership is Lynette Gillis, Drums; Carla Gillis, Guitar/Vocals;
Amanda Braden, Guitar/Vocals; Catriona Sturton, Bass. They might be kindly compared to Cub. Write their own songs, started out making the music while some of their members were still in University.

The first time I saw Plumtree was in a small, very small venue called The Pit in Ottawa. The girls rawked the place and I bought their first album, Mass Teen Fainting. They are straight pop, guitar pop; and they are very talented at that. Every new album is a treat to listen to.

(I'm not gonna include compilation appearances, only "proper" releases)

Green mittens / Me - 1994
Split 7" with Strawberry

  1. Dog gone crazy
  2. Have a banana

Flutterboard - 1994

  1. In the sink (original version)
  2. Let's hope there's a heaven
  3. Hey! Whiskers!
  4. Depp
  5. Festooned
  6. Good time to tell me (original version)

Water had leaked into my suit - 1995

  1. Sodium chloride (alternate version)
  2. The phone the phone (alternate version)
  3. Uno

Mass Teen Fainting - 1995

  1. Tropical
  2. Open the window
  3. Phil was always here
  4. I don't know
  5. 3:30 on the hill
  6. In the sink
  7. Shoot to scoop
  8. Only in the movies
  9. The phone, the phone
  10. Aquarius
  11. Sodium chloride
  12. July 3rd
  13. Good time to tell me

Predicts the future - 1997

  1. Go
  2. You just don't exist
  3. Racing gloves
  4. Effin'
  5. Hang up baby
  6. I love u when you're walking away
  7. Fatherhood
  8. The game's over
  9. Scott pilgrim
  10. Going so low
  11. Why won't you stop
  12. Your mouth shoots off

This day won't last at all - 2000

  1. Was that all?
  2. One-stop
  3. I'm not moving
  4. Regret
  5. Lies i tell myself
  6. Hello again
  7. Tonight's not alright
  8. Latitude
  9. My my
  10. I could draw a line
  11. Thrilled to be here
  12. Faraway

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