Plucker is a web clipping application for PalmOS, similiar to AvantGo. Unlike AvantGo, however, it is under GPL and doesn't rely on proprietary protocols.

Plucker operates slightly differently from AvantGo: While AvantGo takes a page, compresses it and parses it in the handheld, Plucker makes it ready for viewing in the desktop side. Thus, Plucker can be slightly faster. Also, you can make your own home page with normal HTML, and it also supports local URLs and stuff like that that AvantGo won't do.

There are a couple of reasons why I don't use Plucker: The fetcher-parser application only runs on the desktop side and data can be only sent through link cable transfer. It doesn't have a centralized networked system like AvantGo has - in other words, I would need to kluge myself an own mobile sync server and client. And secondly, the program's web page has rather strange and unfunny rubber chicken stuff. (Maybe I need to develop the appreciation.) And the icon is ugly too. However, if my Palm's memory would be bigger, I suppose Plucker would be nice for reading electronic books.

Home page as of writing: ... also available as a Debian package.

Pluck"er, n.


One who, or that which, plucks.

Thou setter up and plucker down of kings. Shak.


A machine for straightening and cleaning wool.


© Webster 1913.

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