"Pling" is a common name for the ! symbol (= [!]) in ASCII text.
  1. The name given to the word accessor operator in BBC Basic that originated on the BBC Microcomputers (aka. beebs) produced in the 1980s(e.g. !-4=-1 for fun). BBC Basic is still used on modern RISC OS computers.
  2. In Risc OS (a system decended from the BBC micro) the ! symbol is refered to as the Pling. If placed at the start of a directory name, eg. !App (pronounced "Pling App") the system is informed that the directory contains an application. Upon first viewing this directory the system will imediately run any file in the directory with the name !Boot. If the directory is double-clicked any file within the directory called !Run will be run. This can be disabled by shift-double clicking.

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