When you are quitting the lethal habit of smoking, you have to manually eradicate all those occasions when your mind comes up with the idea to have a cig just now. My model for this functionality is similar to nagware:

Whenever the level of nicotine in your blood (and brain) falls short of the one required by your physical addiction (usually about two minutes after you finished your last cigarette), your mind tries to find an occasion to let you have an excuse for smoking, and offers this possibility to you consciousness in form of a dialog box reading something like Please insert nicotine. You have two choices: OK and Remind me later.

Before I stopped smoking (a week ago), I was clicking OK (rolling and lighting a cig) close to always when this box popped up. Sometimes, I was doing this with joy, but mostly I didn't even notice it. Only very rarely I clicked the other button, usually because of reasons like "I'm already smoking one", "I'm driving a car, I can't roll one just now", "I'm in a no-smoking area, gotta get out first".

Now, I always click Remind me later. Of course, I would rather click No and check Never ask again, but this possibility is not offered. I just hope that the popups keep getting less and less. I even noticed that I click this away automatically sometimes, noticing the process of getting the idea of smoking and rejecting it not until after I successfully rejected it. It seems like I built a script to automatically click that damn button.

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