A person (usually american or english) who claims to have Irish roots or some link to Ireland that makes them "Irish".

Seldom seen throughout the year, except for occasions like St.Patricks day, usually they are the fat fuckwits dressed up to the nines in green everything, drinking green beer, and getting hammered drunk.

Often seen sporting an inflatable shamrock or leprechaun, and claiming to be third generation O'Flaherty from the wee village of Cahirsiveen, County Kerry.

It is the one day of the year for these people who would normally be ashamed to have Irish roots, to brag about their Gaelic ancestry, and how terrible the situation is "Up North", and how great Jack Charlton is.
In reality, these people know next to nothing about the politics, history or culture of Ireland, and never will.

They are a curse.

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