Planes Mistaken For Stars are an emocore band from Denver, Colorado. They play music in a very frenzied, intense manner. Their sound is typically dual guitars wailing away, a propellant bass line, and the hardcore drumming cliche, which is this crazy bass drum and snare drum thing. It has to be heard, really.

They are: Gared O'Donnel (vocals/guitar), Matt Bellinger (guitar/vocal), Jamie Drier (bass) and Mike Ricketts (drums).

They've released two EPs on Deep Elm Records. The first of which is self-titled and considerably quieter than the second, which contains huge sound guitars and lots and lots of screaming, pissed off angst. The second EP is titled knifeinthemarathon, and was written in response to the death of a friend, and is suitably angry and upset.

More recently, they've released their first LP, Fuck With Fire on No Idea Records. It's still very intense and scream-filled, but brings back some of the sadness and melancholy from the first album.

I should probably mention that nearly all of Planes' songs are about failed relationships, longing, and missing the one that got away. It's music that can be very comforting, if listened to at the right time. If listened to at the wrong times it may just serve to bring you down.

The tracks on the first EP are:

  1. Copper And Stars
  2. Division
  3. The Time It Took
  4. The Past Two
  5. Somewhere In September
  6. Standing Still Fast
  7. Knuckle Hungry
  8. Where The Arrow Went Out

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