A (hopefully) fictional character in the comic strip User Friendly who inexplicably speaks with a fake Russian accent. He plays tasteless practical jokes, but has the redeeming feature of being a sushi lover. Like his fellow geeks, has little social life. He's also an AI programmer of dubious ability and an evil genius wannabe.

The ethnical roots of Pitr still remain questioned; his origin has never been given away on User Friendly. The name Pitr is not known among Slavic names, nor it seems to be known among people's names in general (although UF fans might change this by naming their kids). Google reveals merely that Pitr is some spirit in the Hindu mythology. Dubovich can be a Russian or, say, a Croatian last name, the latter being more likely. "Da" doesn't pinpoint Russian either, never mind the common acknowledgement that Pitrspeak is fake.

It would be interesting to see how closely Pitr comes to the stereotype of an ex-Soviet Bloc geek. Beink rather a subject of the said stereotype, I invite the fellow noders to elaborate on this.

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