A piskey also written as pisgie, piskie or pigsey is a Cornish pixy. Some people say that they arrived with the saints from Ireland, some that they are the simply the old pagan gods who have taken on a new form.

A piskey stands no higher than a mouse and wears a red cap, white waistoat, green stockings and a brown coat and trousers. They are fond of talk but to human ears their speech sounds like the droning of bees. The piskey is often mischievous and is fond of carrying lanterns at night in order to lure unsuspecting into the bogs but they also credited with helping out with the household chores of those too old or infirm to care for themselves.

For those of you that are worried about coming across a piskey it is easy enough to protect yourself from their tricks, as it is well known that a piskey cannot harm a man if his coat is worn inside-out.

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