This is my girlfriend's favorite movie, and it is a classic. There is nothing like this Pippi Longstocking movie in the world. The U.S.-release stands as a strange rip in the fabric of the cinematic universe.

Though I believe it is out of print, a few years ago I got a Video Gems edition from Ebay.

From the box:
The Pippi series has become the choice of both educators and children. Over 6,000,000 copies have been sold in the United States alone! In this second adventure, Pippi is put in charge of Annika and Tommy. She promises "never to leave them alone..." But, almost immediately a message arrives by bottle-post, Pippi's father, Captain Ephraim, has been captured by pirates! So begins another fantastic voyage starting from the House of Many Hues and traveling to a subterranea pirate's dungeon on Taka-Tuka. Non-stop fun for the whole family!

What really makes this movie a classic are these facts:
Annika speaks with a Brooklyn overdubbed accent. And no one else does.
Tommy is blue eyed, blond-haired Aryan with an infectious laugh and weird faces.
Tommy to Annika: "Annika, you love Marco!"
Annika: "I don't, Tom."
Tommy: "Yes you do, confess it!"
Annika: "I don't!"
Pippi: "Well what's wrong with loving him? Marco's nice and besides, he's handsome."
Annika "Yah!"

Pippi looking into a crystal ball: "Crystal ball... Magic ball... Famous ball... Where's Papa?"

"What is this 'ha-ha'?" "Don't you know, it's what all pirates say... ha-ha!"

Pippi in the South Seas is a true classic, not to be missed. Stupid pirates, great pirate songs that rival and destroy "yo-ho a pirate's life for me" from the Pirates of the Carribean. Talking parrots. Old man the horse. Mr. Nielson the monkey. Flying beds.

Seek it out.

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