The Story

The Apex Pinnacle Chip has a flaw that is activated by typing: "@[=g3,8d]\&fbb=-q]/hk%fg" followed by the delete key. The flaw can only be activated if the computer is connected to the Internet and upon activation, the user will be hit by a powerful beam of energy sucking her/him into the Internet and endowing them with all the knowledge of the 'Net as well as superhuman powers. They would be a Freakazoid!

The Reference

The Pinnacle Chip is a direct jab at the Intel Pentium's flaw in its FDIV (Float-point division) implementation. Intel's futile cover-up became a public relations nightmare as it first attempted to disavow any knowledge of a bug. Then saying that the likelyhood that it would cause any problems was too small. This nonsense continued until the company had been chewed to a pulp by the public and finally ordered a recall.

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