Well, it's starting to happen. When I was young, I once made an appointment to meet someone 18 months later. I did not write it down - I did not have to. I was there on time.

But now... I often find myself asking, "Did I take my Glucophage?" This is frustrating: If I don't take it, my blood sugar soars, if I take too many...

Anyway, I just stopped at Wal*Mart, and got a little plastic container with seven compartments, one for each day of the week, called Pill Monitor, made by Apex, (1-800-328-2935, www.apexmedical.com). It only cost 99 cents. They come in two colors: yellow for morning medication, blue for evening medication (they also make bigger ones, that is why I posted their URL above). I only got one at this time, as I can easily determine which dosage I took by counting the number of pills in today's compartment.

If, like me, you (or a loved one) have trouble remembering whether you took your medication, I highly recommend this little thing. It can literally save your life.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way related to Apex.

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