Without a doubt, this is the single most fucked-up cartoon I've ever had the misfortune to witness. It's a twenty-minute-ish short that preceeds Pokemon (The Movie), and features a big pile of Pokemon in their, er... natural habitat.

Unfortunately, I was mildly (read: unable to form coherant thought) stoned when I saw it, and in the advanced stages of The Fear. As I'm sure you can imagine, the last thing I needed was a regular feature in which the scene would suddenly cut to a Pokemon repeating its name (as they do) against a psychadelic background. This happens about six or seven times during the short. The most horrific thing was that it's completely unreferenced in the main cartoon, so I had a niggling feeling that my drug-addled mind was concocting these scenes in a last-ditch attempt to make me go completely and utterly insane.

Did it work? Have the last few months been a figment of my imagination as I lay comatose in a hospital bed, somewhere in Real Life?

Am I still in seat H5 of the Odeon cinema in Gloucester, undergoing one hell of a time-lapse?

Only those possibilities can explain why I'm sitting in front of my PC detailing a faux-psychadelic cartoon to a group of complete strangers.

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