A powdered "fruit seasoning" candy, made by a Mexican company called RikoPop. It comes in a little plastic shaker.

The idea is that you shake this stuff on your fruit to give it a little kick. So far, I've tried it on oranges, apples and pears. It doesn't taste like candy (that is, it does taste like Mexican candy) and it's pretty mouthwatering...very sour and peppery. It's an acquired taste. I would recommend this stuff to any fans of "extreme" sour candy, like Spew.

I noticed something weird, and a little disturbing, about the shaker. On the front are a couple of anthropomorphic fruits yucking it up: an orange and a lime. What this implies, to me, is that Mexican kids eat limes as easily as they eat oranges...and with a dash of Picositos to boot. *shudder*

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