On the website www.somethingawful.com there is a section called "Photoshop Phriday." Every Friday a new batch of photoshopped images is displayed, created by members of the "Something Awful Forum Goons." Every week, the images submitted adhere to a certain theme. For instance, for the Friday of August 5, 2004, the theme was "Terminators in Hats." Imagine a Terminator in a sombrero, or Arnie in a Pope's hat. Go to the site to see what I mean.

Other themes include "Unlikely Movie Prequels" with hilarious entries like "Man Standing Precariously Close to an Open Flame", "Sky Captain and the World of Today", "Going in 60 Seconds" ("They just weren't quite ready"), or "private ryan is A-OK." Like the rest of the website, the Photoshop Phriday section is filled with off-color, sometimes offensive humor and language (what'd you expect with a name like "Something Awful?"). Everything goes and there's no limit on language or taste. There is, however, a requirement that one knows what the hell they're doing with Adobe Photoshop.

Some weeks the editor puts up a "Page of Shame" which features the worst entries of the week. They are often confusing or show a severe lacking in Photoshop skills. These are even too awful for Something Awful, which says a lot. The entertainment value from the pages of shame come almost solely from the humor of the snide and biting comments on the entries by the editor.

I wish to join the forum someday and submit entries and show off my skills at Photoshop and tasteless humor, but not until I can get permission to spend $9.99. It does cost to join the forum, but it is only a one-time fee. But it will be worth it I'm sure. Make visiting Photshop Phriday and Something Awful a new Friday tradition. I have.

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