Philip Wylie (1902-1971)

There is no advance without strife. -- Philip Wylie & Edwin Balmer After Worlds Collide (1933)

What egotism, what stupid vanity, to suppose that a thing could not happen because you could not conceive it! -- Philip Wylie & Edwin Balmer When Worlds Collide (1932)

Wylie is one of my favorite authors. He was a controversial writer in his day. I discovered Wylie in the 60's, he was the kind of writer who presents to you new ideas, or at least ideas that I had not yet considered.

He also wrote as Leatrice Homesley.

He wrote over 100 “Crunch and Des“ stories for the Saturday Evening Post, about the adventures of Captain Crunch Adams, master of the charter boat Poseidon, (there was even a brief television series).

In the novel The Disappearance, written in 1951, Wylie blasts away at the double standard between men and women's that existed before the woman's movement of the 70's. The Disappearance is a novel where the world is split into two worlds, one of only men and one of only women. Wylie uses this novel to delve into the nature of the relationship between men and women and on the way explores the issues of womens rights and homosexuality.

The novel "The Paradise Crater" written in 1945 was cause for his house arrest by the federal government, it described a post-WWII 1965 Nazi attempt to rule the world with atomic power.


Name of the Game
Los Angeles: A.D. 2017 (1971)
Gladiator (1930)
one of the main inspirations for Superman

The Murderer Invisible (1931)
The Savage Gentleman (1932)
When Worlds Collide (1933) (with Edwin Balmer)
After Worlds Collide (1934) (with Edwin Balmer)
The Golden Hoard (1934)
Night Unto Night (1944)
The Paradise Crater (1945)
The Disappearance (1951)
The Smuggled Atom Bomb (1951)
Tomorrow! (1954)
The Answer (1955)
Triumph (1963)
The Spy Who Spoke Porpoise (1969)
the President of the United States learns that there is a category of CIA files, code named Zed, to which he is not allowed access

The End of a Dream (1972)
forsees a dark future where America has slid into totalitarianism

Short Stories
Seeing New York by Kiddie Car (1926)
Jungle Journey (1945)
Blunder (1946)
An Epistle to the Thessalonians (1950)
Philadelphia Phase (1951)
The Answer (1955)
Generation of Vipers (1942)
Predictions: 2001 A.D. (1956)

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