Phil Manzanera is a crafty guitarist best known for his work with the seminal glam-rockers Roxy Music. Lesser known than the dueling Brians Eno and Ferry, Phil's solid and kinky riffs provided substantial backbone to the group's work.

Phil spent his early years in Latin America, learning classical Spanish guitar before returning to the UK in the 60s and marrying his traditional training to the rock n roll sound of the day. Phil joined Roxy Music in the early 70s, and remained with the group until their split in the early 80s. During the mid 70s, Phil worked with Brian Eno, bassist Bill MacCormick, drummer Simon Phillips, Lloyd Waston and Francis Monkman as 801, producing some amazingly haunting and rocking music. The group played three live shows together, resulting in the ecclectic and enchanting album 801 Live, which features several Eno songs along with some of Phil's own compositions.

Other notable projects include his solo album Diamond Head, which has decidedly latin overtones, and some subtly beautiful lyrics contributed by Brian Eno and Robert Wyatt. Today Phil Manzanera works mainly as a producer, though his worldwide respect as a first class guitarist garners invitations to play at events and with master musicians in all corners of the globe.

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