Peut-être is a French comedy/sci-fi movie directed by Cédric Klapisch. If I remember correctly the movie has translated with the title "Maybe".

First of all I have to say that if you like the music like that by Fat Boy Slim, you should get your hands in the soundtrack.

The plot:
It's new year 2000 and Lucie, Arthur's girldfriend wants to have a baby and give the beginning for him/her at the party. Arthur doesn't like the idea and when he finds out it's not the safe days he pulls out.

Then Arthur finds a way into the future and he meets his children and grandchildren. However, because Arthur pulled out at the critical moment his son and the rest of the offspring start to disappear, in very much the same way as in Back to the Future.

Arthur's children try to do their best to assure Arthur to have children with Lucie right now because they want to exist but Arthur doesn't seem it reasonable: "I need a better job. I cannot afford you. Sorry about that. No hard feelings, right..?"

Eventually his children manage to persuade him, by accident mostly, after some riotic incidents at the party.

However, the movie doesn't go too much into details on the basic plot and avoids most of the diletant philosophism. After the very beginning, when Arthur makes a breakfast for himself, I really waited for the more interesting camerashots to come but there was practically none. However, it gave me a good laugh in some occasions and I have to say it can be considered worth of watching.

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