A crown corportation in Canada which happens to be a gas station. I have no idea why the government feels the need to be in the gasoline business, but no one has accused the Canadian government of acting logically.

How many people complain about how expensive gasoline is? And how, seemingly, irrational the ups and downs of it is? Except that it goes up before holidays, and down when it's time to go back to work.

When asked, the multinational corporations say that it is purely the workings of the market, supply and demand. And who believes them?

In Canada, it was felt there was a need for a window into the oil and gas market, for public ownership to exert a little discipline on a market, that, being a monopoly, an international monopoly, had none! No competition!

Sadly, forced by the Davos ethic--that little should be in the public sector, even to provide competition to an uncompetitive private sector--the Canadian government acted with the logic thought lacking in the above writeup. Petro-Canada is no longer a crown corporation. And now, Canadians are just as vulnerable to the whims of the gasoline companies, as Americans.

But O now they can complain just as pointlessly!

Is this another effort to erase the difference between Canadians and Americans?

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